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How we got started..My Story.

I was diagnosed with environment asthma over 2.5 years ago. Most of the foods I ate caused an allergic reactions within my upper respiratory system. I had to become my own health care professional in order to avoid regular emergency room visits. At times the asthma got worse which caused me to stop working. At home and bored I began to indulging in old hobbies talents. This is how Creative Eats came into existence. I enjoyed preparing edible party favors that require no frying pans, no odors while cooking and no allergic reactions while consuming my favorite foods that is good for all of us. From this life changing disease a wonderful, fun fill craft was born. Creative Eats has made my life meaningful and exciting . Now this allows me to cope and serve other who enjoys my crafty hobby.


To provide the finest freshly-made chocolate designer cookies for all of life’s sweetest moments; to deliver on time and backed by our guarantee of excellence.

Our Promise:

As our customer, we promise you:

1. Delicious designer cookies as ordered

2. Only the highest quality standards

3. Friendly service focused on excellence

4. Trustworthy, dependable products and services

5. Products will be package and shipped on time every-time

6. The strongest guarantee in the business

Why Us?

At Creative Eats, we are focused on providing an artistic and delightful services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will take pride in providing service to meet beyond your expectations.

Creative Eats addresses the health conscious individual by providing GLUTEN FREE, KOSHEN, A ORGANIC sweet treats.

Check out our website. There’s much more to come! 

"If its possible -- It can be done"

(Thanks for looking in on us!!!)